General Privacy

I don’t trap or store any identifiable information about you on my computer, or on third party systems.


Information you give me voluntarily in the course of an enquiry

If you fill out the contact form on my site this is because you are interested in having me do your wedding makeup, or your makeup for some other occasion. In this case, I will keep the information you submit via the form on my mail server, where it is encrypted. If you do not subsequently book makeup with me, once your enquiry is 6 months old, I will delete your enquiry email entirely and will then hold no record of this.


Information you give me voluntarily in the course of a booking

If you do book wedding or other makeup with me, I will ask you to supply a few basic pieces of contact and event information. These will be stored on my mail server in encrypted form. Once 6 months has elapsed from your booking, I will delete this information.


Email marketing

I don’t use e-mail marketing so I do not maintain any e-mail lists with your name or email address on.

I do not share details of anyone at all with third party commercial partners.



I do not place cookies of my own on your computer or phone. I do use Google Analytics and Google Adwords, and these platforms place cookies which provide anonymised data back to Google so they can help me run my website effectively. If you do not want these cookies to track your use of the site, please adjust the privacy settings in your web browser to prevent them being placed.


If you have any questions at all about Privacy in relation to my site or your booking, please contact me.