For a video, TV and photo makeup artist Manchester is an incredibly exciting place to be. There are shoots of all kinds and sizes happening across the city almost 24 hours a day, and I absolutely love working with the wealth of young, creative directors and photographers, as well as with some of our more experienced people who’ve been around a while.

  • Making the talent look great... and feel great


  • I love working with new photographers and directors

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Working in the studio or on location with professional models is a very different experience to helping a bride feel relaxed and look beautiful on her wedding day.

But I’m still me.

Photo makeup artist Manchester

I approach professional shoot work with the same calm, organisation and focus, and do my best to make sure you can concentrate on what’s happening in camera without having to worry about whether the models look great, or whether they’re good to go when you need them.

Whether you’re doing an editorial feature or portrait session, working for commercial clients or on a personal or promotional project, and going out on location or setting up in the studio, give me a call.


"Suzanne's an absolute pleasure to have on your shoot. Models love having her make them up and she's the easiest person to work with."


"I love working with Suzanne. She knows exactly what you're trying to do and she's quick and helpful. My first choice for just about everything."