Makeup lessons in Winchester and North London - About Suzanne

I’ve been a makeup artist for more than twenty-five years, guiding clients in their choice and use of makeup  through one to one, personal lessons.

For many years, I also worked extensively with brides and their mums, helping everyone to stay calm and look perfect for their big day.

I now live in Winchester, and work in both Winchester and North London, where I lived  previously. I am typically available in North London for a week or so each month.

Simple, everyday makeup tips.

I love helping women of all ages to gain a better understanding of their own face as it is at this point in their life, and to learn the simple, everyday techniques that will allow them to make up quickly and easily to get the very best out of their bone structure and skin type.

I teach personal, one to one lessons, showing you how to rethink your makeup to make use of the products you have, as well as new products that we choose together, to make you look and feel your very best.

I generally deliver the lessons in my clients’ homes, as most people seem to feel most comfortable there. 

If you wish to come to me, however, this is certainly possible, and you should ask me about this when we speak.

Looking your best at any age.

My pupils range in age from teenage girls with mums or grandmothers who’d like to help them get a proper understanding of how to use makeup, all the way through to ladies of advancing years who’d like to adapt their makeup regime to suit their face and skin as it is at this point in their life.

With two beautiful young granddaughters myself, I’m always especially excited to work with ladies in this latter age group.

For several years, I trained and worked with Bobbi Brown as a Makeup Artist on special events, and I still use a great deal of Bobbi makeup.