Abigail’s makeup

Abigail was an absolute to delight to get to know and to look after, all the way from our first meeting when she came to see me for her tryout, right through to seeing how fantastic she looked made up and dressed for her ceremony on the day itself.

Incredible brown eyes

Not every bride knows quite where they want to begin when we first talk, but Abigail told me from the start that she’d like to look natural and flawless, and to put the emphasis on her beautiful brown eyes. (She didn’t call them that – but I did… and they are!)

For me, that was the best thing I could have hoped to hear.

A lovely bride, with a very easy going nature who knows what she’d like and whose genes have given her killer eyes. This was not going to be difficult!

Abigail and I gel

Abigail and I both love gel eyeliner.

Once we’d chatted and experimented with a few ideas during her trial, we had decided that we’d use a double liner effect both inside and outside her eyeline.

I built this up very carefully for her keeping in my mind all the time that her eyes were the stars here, and that the liner’s job was simply to frame them.

You can see how it turned out for yourself.

Abigail and I  were both delighted with the finished look, as were her lovely Mum and sisters.

She looked fantastic going down the aisle, and looks stunning in her photos and the video.

And as I’m generally not around by the time a bride’s day draws to a close on the dance floor, I’m always delighted when I see a video – as I did with Abigail – and can see that our makeup has held up perfectly throughout.

Loved taking care of Abigail. And I can’t wait to go back to makeup her family again soon for her sister’s wedding.

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