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You may want to keep the relationship between us all for yourself on your big day (lots of brides do; and lots of brides’ mums think it should be a special part of the day reserved just for their daughter).

On the other hand, you might love the idea of me making up your Mum, sisters or bridesmaids as well.

As far as I’m concerned, it just comes down to what you’d like.

Wedding makeup artist Cheshire

As long as we’ve preplanned carefully, and done tests with as many of you as possible (ideally with all of you) there’s plenty of time on the day for me to get everybody else looking their best without any hint of squeezing the time I devote to you.

This assumes, of course, that everyone’s in one place; or, if not, then at least very close by.

If you like the idea of me making up some of your family or friends, please ask about this when we meet.

I find it often creates an unforgettable and very relaxing atmosphere around a bride, just when she needs it most.


"If I had to offer a bride one piece of advice, it would be to have your makeup done by a professional. Suzanne's warmth, expertise and calming personality was invaluable on my big day"


"Suzanne has a lovely approach. She did my makeup as well as the bride's for my daughter's wedding. We were both absolutely thrilled with her work."



Waiting for confirmation frm Abigail



Your expertise was obvious and your attention to detail was a God send. Thankyou for fitting us in at such short notice! Our makeup lasted brilliantly all day and night!



It was perfect not to have to worry about anything on the day with you there. You created our looks so easily, we were all so happy and everyone commented on how natural and glowing we all looked.