If, like me, you offer makeup lessons Cheshire has to be one of the most fun places you could ever hope to work.

I’ve had such enjoyable times, and learned a huge amount myself, even after more than 20 years as a professional makeup artist, showing ladies of all ages how to get new, different and more easily self-recreated makeup looks.

  • You're never too young. And never too old.

    Learn to do your make up like a pro

  • Go on. It will change your life.

    I'd so love to show you.


Having been a make up artist for all that time, I’ve lost count of how often, after doing a makeover, I’ve heard, “I wish I could do my makeup myself like this”.

Well… let’s do something about it.

Come and have a personal makeup lesson.

Makeup lessons Cheshire

I’ll show you simple ways to do your own makeup to get the professional look you want, every day.

You can bring your own makeup bag so that I can advise you what to use and suggest where you may be going wrong.

A typical lesson may include the following. But it’s always individually tailored to your wishes, so if you don’t see what you’re interested in here, just tell me what you’d like.

  • How to recognise your skin type and the right skincare for you.
  • How to choose the right colour foundation.
  • How to choose colours for eyes. How to shape your eyes. How to do a smokey eye.
  • How to choose the perfect lip colour and never make a mistake again.
  • Which brushes to use, and how they work.

Who has lessons?

Lessons can be one to one or in small groups.

They make a really fun way to spend an evening with a few girlfriends. They are competitively priced, and after you’ve had your lesson you will never waste money buying the wrong makeup again!

I love doing personal lessons, and will happily do them for absolutely anyone, but I’ve listed my most popular lesson types below.

Make up for Teenagers

If you have a teenage daughter just starting to use make up, why not get her off to a really good start by booking a lesson for her? Or, if you’re feeling generous, why not book for her and one or two friends to boost their confidence?

I’ll help them understand:

  • how to look after their skin properly;
  • how to choose make up suitable for young skin;
  • how to choose and use brushes;
  • how to make up appropriately to make the most of their youthfulness;
  • and how to make sure their make up never looks trashy.

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"I learned more in my session with you than I could ever have imagined. It's not just how to put the make up on. You've changed the way I actually think about my face."


"Suzanne is just the best teacher. I thought I knew my face pretty well! How wrong can you be. Such a great session. Would recommend anyone."

Face After 40

As she gets older, every woman’s face changes.

This isn’t purely cosmetic. It’s the actual bone structure and musculature of the face, as well as the texture and nourishment of the skin.

Surprisingly, though, lots of women never really re-learn their make up routine, continuing to use colours and techniques that they pretty much learned in their teens and twenties.

The great news is, so much has happened in terms of new products and techniques, and learning to make the most of these for the face you have now will introduce you to a whole new face in the mirror.

Come on your own, or book with a friend or two, and I’ll show you:

  • how to condition your skin correctly;
  • how to choose the make up best suited to your skin;
  • how to choose and use brushes and other good quality equipment;
  • how to make up in sixty seconds;
  • how to make up when you’re going somewhere really special.