When I’m out and about working as a special occasion makeup artist Cheshire can feel like a pretty large area.

But if you live or work in the area and would like your makeup doing professionally to boost your confidence and have you looking your best for a special occasion, I’m there for you. Just call me or drop me an email.

  • Wherever you're going, turn up looking your amazing best.

    Party? Interview? Date?

  • I'd really love to talk to you

    Don't be shy


Makeup artist Cheshire

You may of course be going to the wedding of a friend or family member. But I have lots of regular clients who like to have their make up done for them routinely for parties and family gatherings. They see it as no different to having their hair done.

I also have clients who like me to do their makeup for really special dates.

And I have one or two career ladies who even have me do their face for big meetings and presentations.

How you feel

When you have your make up done professionally because you’ve got somewhere special to go, you’re not just investing in how you look, of course.

You’re investing in how you feel.

There’s no bigger boost for your confidence than knowing your colour’s great, your complexion’s perfect and your eyes are impossible to ignore.


"I love having Suzanne do my makeup for special events. She just gives me an extra look I can never quite do myself. And she's fun."


"Four girls complimented me on how nice I looked and that gave me such a boost. The whole night was a huge success. Thank you... thank you!"