When your life involves doing bridal makeup Manchester can feel like a very big city!

But no matter what time you’re getting married, by the time you wake on your wedding day I’ll be up and at it.

  • When the big day comes, I'm 100% there for you

    All about you

  • The spotlight's on you. Be calm and look beautiful

    You only do this once.


I like to get a nice early start and then calmly check over my equipment and the makeup we’re going to use to make certain that everything is in order.

I’ll text you early to see how you are and just to reassure you that I’m good to go.

Bridal makeup Manchester

When the time comes, I’ll be at your home, or at the hotel if you’re marrying at the venue, some way before the time we’ve arranged.

If I’m looking after your mum, sisters or bridesmaids as well as you, we will of course have agreed an earlier start so that I have plenty of time to work on them before it comes time to look after you.

If your photographer and videographer are around at this point, I’ll usually have a quick chat with them, just to make sure that they’re happy that your makeup is going to look as good in their pictures and movie as it does in real life.


Once we set to work on your make up, that’s private time for you and me.

I like to create a calm, chilled space that helps you to relax and breathe just as the excitement of the day is stepping up.

We can chat as I work, or I can work silently with some music you’ve chosen playing.

I have only two objectives: by the time I’ve finished, I want you to be 100% happy that you look perfect; and you must be in a good place to go out and enjoy your wedding.



"Oh my. I knew you'd make me look great but I had no idea how amazing you'd be at just getting me in the zone. You just shut out all of the mayhem and focused me in on my wedding. Thank you so much, Su."


"Suzanne was the best person imaginable on the day. She was so organised and chilled. She did exactly what we'd planned and just made me feel peaceful and calm. I loved my makeup. And I looked exactly like I hoped in my photos."